New year, new you – Making youself the focus of 2019

new year new you

There are two types of people in the world, a) those who are highly productive and successful, b) those who are struggling to make things done on time.

Becoming successful might be your this new year resolution but it is not going to work out unless you make some basic changes.  

You can become a better version of yourself by improving your productivity and there are plenty of ways to boost up productivity, let’s have a look at ways to make it possible.

Learn to time block.

One of the biggest difference between the ordinary and extraordinary is the way they manage their own time.

If you really want to make this year as a new beginning then you need to learn to make your time more efficiently, the best thing to so in learning to time block.

We all have 24 days but successful people use those hours much more efficiently than the unsuccessful ones. Make your time take and learn to work accordingly, just like you used to make a time table in your school time.

Time block is the best way to track your efficiency.

new year new you

Plan your day in the morning

Anything you should be doing after your meditation session is planning ahead for the day,  planning your day in advance will help you achieve the best. Additionally, you will be having a clear vision about the tasks for the rest of day.

Set realistic goals

Setting up big goals are good but they should be realistic enough to keep you motivated. Instead of working on the long term goals, work on the short term.

Example: If your goal is to get into shape this year, instead of planning for losing 50 pounds, plan for 5 pounds per month. Targeting 5 pounds every month looks much more practical to the brain.

Multitasking is a myth

Many people are trying to develop the ability to multitask, but is it really good for improving the performance?

Studies have found that multitasking damages your brain’s ability, instead, practice concentrating on one work at a time. Practicing single work at a time will improve the performance and focus.

Read books

Although it might sound an old school solution to transform your life but it does work, reading more books improves your brain’s capacity. Many people are actually unable to read books, just like me, so I prefer listening to books through Audible, Now I can read a book while walking in the park or driving to the office.

new year new you

Resolution to workout daily

This is something most of the people missing in their daily life, lack of physical exercise are making us less efficient. No transformation can be enough without looking and feeling good, daily exercise will improve your energy levels, body pasture, and self-confidence.

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