Now that the weather has turned here are some ideas for great winter dates

Now that weather in the UK is getting worse which means more days inside, as a couple you need to plan indoor winter dates seeing as outside activities are off the menu. Just because its cold doesn’t mean that you put your love life on hold. If you are a couple that loves going on dates, then you need to find ways to maintain this connection. This article offers advice on how to stay connected during winter with these wonderful date ideas.

Cold weather date ideas

Indoor Rock Climbing

It’s cold right. So maybe its time you introduced some physical activities to make your temperature rise and bond at the same time. Look for a nice indoor gym for your winter dates. There is something about being competitive that brings a couple together. Its something new so you will definitely have fun. To add some spice to it, how about having a sexual bet. The loser has to do “something” to the winner in the bedroom? Plus let’s face it… When it comes to sexual bets, everyone is a winner.

Stay home and cook together

I know you miss the restaurants and all. But maybe this is the time to stay at home and help each other make a meal from scratch. Pick the dish, get the recipe and collaborate towards making it the perfect dinner ever made. The fun part is doing it together as a couple. And you trying to make a meal for the two of you. Plus if you fail, you can love about it and order in some pizza and some wine.

Plan spa nights at home for your winter dates

couple in a tub

You don’t need to leave the house to have some pampering. Believe me, spa dates can make you connect on another level as a couple. Get plenty of aromatic candles, have some therapeutic massage oils, and music. Make use of that bathtub and definitely bring a bottle of wine to loosen you up. Soak up in aromatherapy crystals. Gently rub each other in massage oils and enjoy the music and each other’s company.




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