Interracial relationships are on the rise in the UK

Just like in the U.S. there has been a steep rise in interracial relationships continue to rise within the United Kingdom. We can see all this on census data on the ever-increasing interracial marriages. Racial barriers are being broken all the time. It’s becoming a melting pot. And looking at the rise in the last decade, it seems like this trend will continue.

Mixed relationships in the UK

Black people, Asians (especially those of Indian descent) are more likely to date and marry outside the race. However, the number of white people in interracial marriages isn’t as high. That said, generally, things are looking good. And looking at the evidence from the census data, the number of people who describe themselves as mixed is the fastest growing. Most of them are young.

Interracial relationships in numbers

Today, one in ten households in the UK are interracial. This isn’t just marriages. This is about those mixed couples living with one another. This is the generalization. However looking at the numbers of whites, its one in 25 households. Now, looking at the age factor,  people in their 20s and 30s are 2 times more likely to be in mixed relationships as compared to their older counterparts.

Effects of cultural barriers

Breaking cultural barriers isn’t that easy. This is evidenced by the fact that most interracial couples are cohabiting and not legally married. This could be because of cultural differences. But seeing as they are cohabiting, it means interracial couples are not letting their differences or resistance from parents stop their interracial love.

Change in attitude towards interracial dating

The attitudes of the younger generation toward interracial relationships have totally changed. This is because of the intermingling they have been exposed to in schools, colleges and at work. There is a lot of diversity these days. Interracial friendships happen. So chances of meeting and falling in love with someone from another race are higher.

Even the Prince of Whales did it

What more evidence do we need if Prince Harry himself married a black woman? This means the barriers have been broken. And the royal interracial dating will influence more whites into mixed relationships.





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