Being who you are is the only mindset you need to take with you on a first date

It can be hard to be who you are especially on a first date. This is all because first dates can be very nerve wrecking. The pressure to impress is always there. You want to bring your A game to the table in order to land yourself a second date. If you really want to impress this person, then it means they are special. You really want things to work out.

Unfortunately, people often mistake impressing someone with changing their whole persona. Now, this is not the way to go about it. All you need on a first date is a little confident that the person you are is just good enough.

Why its important to be yourself

When people tell you to be who you are on a first date, what they mean is that there is nothing wrong with you. They are telling you to be confident in what you have to offer as a person. Don’t pretend to love hip hop when you are an opera kind of guy. You might end up embarassing yourself and missing another date just because of being dishonest.

The good thing about being true to oneself is that if the date fails, then you will know for sure that it wasn’t meant to be. And if it does succeed, more power to you.  At least you will be confident that this person really likes you for who you are.

How to be who you are

1. Don’t overdress or carry yourself out like you have got more money than you really do.

2. Don’t lie

3. Don’t make your date feel you are better than he or she is.

It’s exhausting to play someone else. Imagine having to do this on the second date and into a relationship. Evetually the truth will come out and the whole relationship will come tumbling down.


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