What are the best travel destinations when all you are looking for is romance with your partner

What is romance?

Romance is a feeling that lots of people can’t even bring themselves to explaining it. It is usually characterized by lots of excitement and mystery. Normally, this feeling is usually associated with love that a couple shares. Now, this love usually goes beyond the love one feels for their family and friends. It is a special kind of love which is sexual in nature.

Romance is something that most people in relationships strive to achieve and maintain. When a couple gets into a relationship, whenever they meet one another, they usually say they get butterflies in their stomachs. Well, I am guessing this is usually the onset of romance.

couple in love

There are a lot of things that couples do in order to ensure that they maintain romance between them. They might engage in activities that they both enjoy doing, kiss, make love… But that doesn’t mean that it all ends there. Besides the candlelit dinners in romantic restaurants, couples find traveling to be something very romantic.

There are quite a number of countries and spots that have been designed with couples in mind. These are places where they can go to find romance, maintain or even rekindle the romance in their relationships. These travel destinations are designed with all this in mind. You will find restaurants that are romantic and an ambiance which can only bring you closer together.

What is romance like in some of these travel destinations?

1. Paris

happy interracial coupleParis, France is a city praised for romance. You have no idea the number of proposals that happen here. Some of the most popular romantic spots are the top of the Eiffel tower, the Medici Fountain in the Luxembourg Gardens to name but a few.

2. Fiji

Fiji also has earned its praises. What comes to mind is the Natandola beach or indulging in some high-end fine dining at Savasi Island Resort.

3. New York

Whether its fine dining or taking romantic strolls, you will find it all here. One place to explore as a couple is the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.

4. Peru (Machu Pichu)

This is a  place for adventurous couples looking for abandoned places away from people. It has intriguing buildings and fantastic panoramic views. This could be the perfect answer to the question: “What is romance”?


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