5 Awesome Black Moms To Follow. You will love them.

Every woman will enter motherhood one day. They will be able to rear their own children and build a family. However, due to racial discrimination, black moms are depicted to be neglectful and hateful. However, that is not true in most cases. Actually, there are awesome black moms who are not only full-time mothers but also career-oriented women. Here are five awesome black moms that should be your inspiration as a mother.black mom and family

Product Review Mom

Product Review Mom is a blog site own by Louida Martin. She writes about her insights on products and services. Her scope is generally for children and pre-teens. She also documents on how she teaches her children about entrepreneurship. She also gives out helpful tips to other moms in building their careers and making money while being a full-time mom.

Young Mommy Life

Tara Jefferson is a young single mom who was able to juggle work, studies, and relationship in her life. She was able to handle the challenges of being a single mom. She owns a blog called the Young Mommy Life where she shares tips on how to live life as a single mom. She also right about random things she is interested in.

Rattles and Heels

Ayanna owns the blog Rattle and Heels which is a parenting blog. The blog shares information on how to be a mom and a wife. The site is also filled with fun projects and activities that a mom can do with her kid. Ayanna also shares beauty tips on how to look fabulous while raising kids.

Fan Haute Mama

One of the awesome black moms out there is Melissa or MJ. She is a mother of three children. She also plays the role of being a stepmother and wife. She founded Fan Haute Mama, a blog that is packed with articles about family and motherhood. She also shares amazing photos of her family that are really family goals.

Mattie James

Mattie James is a famous social media influencer. She is most commonly found on Instagram. Through social media, she shares how moms can achieve financial stability and have a career without neglecting their duties as moms. She also writes on her blog about healthy living and raising a family.

Black mom and child These awesome black moms had proved that they can give a nurturing environment to their families. They also proved that you can live life to the fullest without sacrificing your life as a mother. With them, you are given a hope to become a better woman and a better mom.

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