5 Things Only People in Interracial Relationships Will Understand

5 things only people in interracial relationships will understand

Interracial relationships are becoming more and more common as time goes by. It is now becoming more and more socially acceptable for people to be in interracial relationships, not only in the United States but also the rest of the world too. Frequency and augmentation of interracial relationships though, does not mean that everything is silky smooth when it comes to interracial relationships. Here are some things that only people in interracial relationships will understand.

“No I do not only date people from a certain race”

To begin with, many people assume that people in interracial relationships ONLY date people of a certain race, thing that is super weird. Many people are like: do you only like white guys? Or: why don’t you date black guys? It is weird when you think about it. Just the assumption that you ONLY want to date a certain race of people is not something any person in interracial relationships wants to be associated with


“Yeah we were a cute couple the first time you looked at us”

Another thing couples in interracial relationships face all the time is that people may look once or twice when you are walking down the street with your interracial partner. Many people want to make interracial couples feel welcomed and everything but that stare you get as a couple is there and probably will be there for some time. It’s not that big of a problem but definitely noticeable.


“We haven’t made plans for babies yet”

People saying “your babies will be so cute” is maybe said more than it should. It is a fact that mixed babies are super cute but you won’t find an interracial couple saying to another couple that is from a single race “your babies will be so cute” or something like that. In common sense’s defense, all babies are cute. It is a nice gesture to say to people that their babies will be cute but like maybe once or twice. Interracial couples are told constantly.



“You still can’t say that”

Another thing that people in an interracial relationship face is something more sensitive for people within the relationship. Friends of one of the partners in the relationship may be asked things that shouldn’t be asked. Look, people may joke around but some things are just not to be asked. Simply because your friend is dating someone interracially it doesn’t make some questions let’s say “politically correct” so please just keep in mind that you shouldn’t say stuff you wouldn’t say anyway.


Let us know of more in the comments section below. If you are in an interracial relationship let us know of things you face.

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