Making your interracial partner think about you non stop

Every woman wants her interracial partner to be thinking about her all times. She wants to be there in his thoughts every time he gets time to think about something. Making a man think about you nonstop is an art that every woman in an interracial relationship can master. Women have the power to take control of their interracial partner’s thought process and program it in a way that he does not look beyond her.

mixed race couple

Listen to your interracial partner

Listening to your interracial partner than doing the talking all the time will help you to have information about his interests, likes and dislikes. You need to keep that information in mind so that you are able to use it to later on in your conversation and actions. His interests once out with you will help you to take your conversation in a way that he will like talking to you all the time. You don’t have to sacrifice your interests for his sake just find a common ground which makes your conversations and activities interesting for both.

Hook him up on some sexting

Once you know his interests and have him chatting with you drop a hint to take the conversation towards sexting. If you are the aggressive type in an interracial relationship a direct mention of orgasms and sexual pleasure will be great. However if you are the one who does not like to take a lead just drop some hints so that he picks it up and you can carry the conversation forward. This is where the information about his interests, likes and dislikes will come handy for you. Lead the conversation in such a way that he keep asking for more.

Keep the desire of your interracial partner alive

Dropping a sexual test or an explicit picture of yours into his message box every other day will keep you in his mind at all the times. He will wait for your messages. Even in the busiest schedules he will take a moment out just to think about you. In case you are in a long distance relationship calling him and having phone sex will surely add to the steam and passion of the relationship. Revving up your interracial partner with a few pictures and chats that keep him interested throughout will make you the only attraction his life and he is surely be going to think about you all the time. All attractive women who are able to hold the interest of their interracial partner believe in the art of sexting.


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  1. Wade says:

    this is interesting but i think something mostly women would do

  2. GLoJ says:

    non stop is a bit creepy #nothanks

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